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Rubik's Hymn out now

Hymn is out now and is a paean to delusion, self-doubt, and eventual salvation after giving yourself the freedom to be loved by God. The backing track was produced sporadically over a period of 4 years and features lo-fi, picked acoustic guitar, classical samples, percussion and the beautifully sung vocals of soprano Mavel Bautista.

Despite the religious theme the song doesn't strictly reference God though and the lyrics can easily be interpreted in non-religious ways too, which was the intention when writing them. Quite possibly one of the most unique hymns ever written.

Listen on Spotify here or Apple and others here


Peaceful, all sin can lie within my plea

And I said before you gave me love

That I could only foresee echoes of me

Now peace falls in, in glorious ways; I’m alive

Beautifully free; how it feels to be me

Though I’m trapped by your love and hung from the heavens by the strings of my heart

In glorious ways

In glorious ways


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