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Mink Freud was raised on the sounds of the future. Ever since she was knee high to a grasshopper she was aware of the music of Tangerine Dream & strange theme tunes that leapt out at her from her television set. This music confused the poor might who was seen talking to lampposts. An asking “What does it all mean?”

But she was hooked. Taping the strange music off the wireless when she was stricken with Glandular Fever. But soon that was not enough. Taking mind altering substances and dancing all night to the sounds of strange men from across the seas. But soon it was not enough. She needed to know for herself.


After being thrown out of her Dear Daddy’s print shop for the tenth time for trying to compose an opus using the various printers the good people at Camden Council had to offer. She met a professor from south of the river whom gave her a solution to her problem.


He told her that in the far reaches of Scandinavia they had invented a print shop with all the sounds she could ever want minus the print shop. It was all there in her trusty old laptop known as Ol’ Dell.









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